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My ITTI experience

From ITTI i have become more concious of time and punctual too. My lecturers were able

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About Us

ITTI began operation in July, 2007 as a travel consortium with the main aim of providing a sound educational platform for persons in the hospitality, travel and tourism sectors.

Over the years ITTI has produced close to 5000 outstanding students who now provide handling services to the handling companies of all the airports in Ghana and the hospitality industry, some of whom have diverted to other service aligned organisations.

MISSION STATEMENT: To be a worldclass training center projecting the values of professionalism in the travel and hospitality industry.

OBJECTIVE: ITTI is dedicated to developing and maintaining professional standards for the benefit of the members of the aviation industry and the general travel and tourism industry as a whole.

In fulfilling its mission, ITTI:

  1. Serves as an interface between the educational and the service industry and tourism industry.
  2. Promote the highest professional standards in the training of all professionals, recognize, reward and portray customer service excellence.
  3. Exist to benefit all members in their chosen career and professional development by enhancing and maintaining their skills and ability.

VISION: ITTI aims to promote the highest standards in the delivery of customer service.


Passion: The institute has passion as one of its core values and inspires students to love what they do.

Performance: The ability to display excellence in performance

Professionalism: Bound by our codes of ethics, we exhibit and instil professionalism in our students and staff members.

ITTI is affiliated to the Institute of Travel & Toursim (ITT-UK) and enjoy summontable benefits from this organisation.

What we do

ITTI specializes in training individuals as well as corporate bodies for the Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality industry.

ITTI undertakes customized corporate training for companies in the delivery of Customer Care programmes, Curriculum Development, Organization of Seminar/Workshop for Corporate Entities

Our total student body ranges from 300 - 350 per semester as classes run per specific course, module and duration.

Past students are 4000 plus


  • ITTI has again been adjuged the best Aviation School of the year 2017
  • ITTI successfully collaborated with GTA in organizing a Hospitality workshop in April 2013
  • 80% of our students pursuin Aviation Courses are absorbed by the Airport Handling Companies as well as students in the Hospitality and Tourism departments being also absorbed by major hotels and customer focused organisations respectively.
  • As a result of the professionalism we inculcate in our students, they deliver where ever they find themselves working. This has made ITTI competitive and as such our student base have expanded.
  • Other students get first hand experience of their core job knowledge by undergoing our on-the-job placements with the Airlines, Hotels and major organisations
  • Influx of West African students into our program
  • The Hospitality Industry is one main area where students undertake their formal work experience and gain beneficial jobs.
  • Training the Youth to be Confident, Eloquent and Service oriented by implementing Training & Development programmes.
  • ITTI in collaboration with Ghana Tourist Authority successfully organised Customer Service Experience Unveiled in July 2014 at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Kumasi
  • Monthly series of intensive Customer Service Training dubbed "Customer Care Boot Camp".
  • Ongoing training organised for Ghana Airports Company in Airport Passenger Services and Operations.
  • ITTI was adjudged the best Aviation School for the year 2016