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My ITTI experience

From ITTI i have become more concious of time and punctual too. My lecturers were able

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My ITTI experience

From ITTI i have become more concious of time and punctual too. My lecturers were able to  impact knowledge because some were very passionate about their work as well creating a friendly atmosphere for learning. At ITTI, i gained a lot of experience especially because class competition was high due to the weekly friday tests in addition to the city codes. The GATA and Airport trip gave me a lot of exposure and great experience.

Finally Ms Kate the Executive Director is adored so much because she is a mother and aunty to all of us, she has an open door policy making it easy to go to her for anything you wish to know. I have learnt so much and will recommend for interested people in the Aviation industry to enroll i ITTI.

The Airport internship is a nice experience.


Mary Asamoabea Wuver

ITTI is a great institution which everyone needs to be in. They train people to become professionals. They make sure you come with your best to achieve your set out goals. They are the best institution i can recommend for everyone interested in the Aviation industry.

My experience at the Airport has been awesome, it has been nice working there.


Sylvia Adu Kwarteng

I will begin by saying that being a student of ITTI has taught me a lot from grooming to customer service and most especially how to approach people with diverse cultures and traditions. ITTI is a place to be  because at the Airport, i see students from other schools coming in for their attachment and their grooming is zero ( nothing to write home about). ITTI makes sure that the student understands at their fingertips what the lecturer is teaching.

The Airport experience is not easy but it's a very nice experience.

If you want to excel and suceed in the Aviation industry, ITTI is the pace to be. Attend ITTI and I promise you will never regret it.

Lydia Munge Odoi (APH 60)

ITTI for me is an eye opener in the Aviation industry. Especially with the customer service program (Boot Camp). This made me have keen interest in customer service, most importantly in the area of customer handling inorder to maintian and satisfy them at all times. The knowledge i acquired cut across all businesses, not only within the Aviation industry.

The Airport experience has also gien me exposure for practical customer service. All that we were taught at school has been experienced, expecially how to handle angry customers and customers who turned up late at the boarding gate, by using duty of care. It has been a nice experience being attached at the Airport.

In conclusion, comparing the lessons from school and the experience at the Airport i believe management of the school has very deep understanding in the Aviation industry coupled with the strict nature of the principal (Ms. Kate) and her daily echo of work ethics at the Airport has really improved my standard of work during my attachment at the Airport.

I take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the Executive Director (Ms. Kate) and the entire staff of ITTI.


Esenam Oyetey

Three months intensive lectures at ITTI has really improved my abilities of serving customers. I've gained skills and knowledge about customer service, baggage, ramp activities and a host of others. My weakness was the scenarios questions but i was asked to stay for two more weeks before leaving for my internship, i gained deep understanding about the work and assignments. Now i can boldly boast of good customer service towards passengers due to what i've learnt in this noble anf prestigious Institution.

My internship has been very good, i've been posted to the AVIANCE baggage reclaim department. I track lost bags for passengers using the world tracker software: not only making use of my computer literacy skills, i'm also able to fill passenger irregularity form manually. My internship has been very educative and practical.

All cannot be said here, but i would voluntarily reccomend ITTI to any individual with the apiration of working in the Air Transport Industry.


Benjamin Addae (APH60)